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In the future logistics should be


Perspectives on a connected supply chain with Carsten Frank Olsen, Global Head of E-Business at MegaLine.

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Logistics Solutions

From the farm to your refrigerator, or the factory to your wardrobe, A.P. Moller – Ct Global Logistics is developing solutions that meet customer needs from one end of the supply chain to the other.

Transportation Services

Learn more about our shipping services from 300 ports around the world. Ct Global Logistics can connect your business globally and we make shipping simple

Supply Chain and Logistics

We focus on solving your supply chain needs from end to end taking the complexity out of the container shipping for you.

Financial Services

As experts in global integrated logistics, we provide strong financial and compensation solutions to meet your end to end supply chain needs.

Digital Solution

Our tailored online services take the complexity out of shipping by letting you instantly book, manage and track shipments, submit Verified Gross Mass information and much more


Our trucking service extends to various locations such as offices, warehouses, exhibition venue to neighboring countries. All cargos are handled carefully, tracked and distributed in precise accordance with our customer’s schedule, assuring on-time deliveries.



Express international delivery of documents, parcels and pallets by fastest possible means



Uniquely designed warehouse for high value goods such as hospital and laboratory equiptments



We provide a secure execellent trunked service, avoiding conveyor belts throughout your consignments



With years of experience placing and managing freight and cargo projects across the globe appropriately

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Logistics solutions for the COVID-19 situation. 117 years in the making.

Logistics solutions for the COVID-19 situation. 117 years in the making.

The Covid-19 vaccine distribution: An ultra-marathon into the future With limited approvals and more than 50 vaccines in clinical trials, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. There is no, single existing logistics model that can handle mass distribution of such scale, and in that respect, this global effort is an opportunity to build a…

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Change is the new constant

Change is the new constant

It’s no secret that the very DNA of how businesses operate has undergone rapid change over the last few years. Global businesses once dictated change. Now they must anticipate it, and at a blindingly fast pace. Corporate organisations across the globe have accepted the mantra of ‘adapt or be left behind’. But how can these organisations revamp their core attitudes…

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